Code Settings - Status

Status codes are used to track Repair Orders on the Work In Progress screen and color-code Repair Orders on the Scheduler.

The Status codes can be set up with a color and description so that, at a glance, you can easily see the status of a vehicle as it moves through your shop.

  • Click Setup >> Codes >> Status.

To Create Status Codes

  1. Select or enter the following: 
    • Category: Selecting whether the Status is for an Estimate or an R/O.
    • Code: One to four digits that identify a code within the program. (Example: 10)
    • Status Description: The current status in the workflow of the vehicle. (Example: Confirmed)
    • WIP Category: Choose which WIP Preset Status you want connected to this Customizable Status.
      (Example: Pre Arrival)
    • Color: Color that identifies the code to the user.

To Edit Status Codes

  1. Click the pencil icon for the Status code you want to edit.
  2. Edit the Status code as desired >> click Update.