Converting Your Database into ALLDATA Manage Online

If your shop previously used a different shop management system and is now using ALLDATA Manage® Online, your database will need to be converted.

  • Conversions must be done by ALLDATA. 
  • Do not use ALLDATA Manage Online until the database has been converted.

What Gets Transferred


Print all financial reports from your existing shop management system before converting your database.

Keep the printed reports for your records since the converted data may not be included in the ALLDATA Manage Online reports. The printed reports may be the only source of your previous financial information.

  • YMME, VIN, license, owner
  • Notes:
    • Does not include vehicle unit numbers or vehicle notes
    • All blank or duplicate licence plates will be replaced with a random plate number in the format of "CNV####"

  • Name, address, phone
  • Note:
    • Does not include customer ID's or customer notes

  • Description, cost, retail value (if available from previous SMS)
  • Note:
    • All converted inventory items will have the line code "CNV"

  • Name, contact, address, phone, email, notes (if available from previous SMS)

  • Repair tickets from previous SMS
  • Note:
    • Does not include full Work Description or Advisory Notes.


What Does Not Transfer

  • Does not transfer. In-progress documents such as repair orders, estimates, and invoices will not be converted.

  • Do not transfer. Financial reports will NOT be converted. Print all necessary reports from your existing shop management system before converting your database.

  • Does not transfer. The quantity of items on hand will not be converted.

  • Do not transfer. Generic jobs, miscellaneous jobs, and shop jobs will not be converted.

  • Does not transfer. Employees, labor rates, tax rates, fees and disclaimers will not be converted.


What Can Be Converted

The following shop management systems can be converted:

Shop Management System
ALLDATA Shop Manager   
Automotive Expert 
Mitchell Manager
Mitchell TeamWorks
NAPA TRACS (Version 2&3) 
R.O. Writer (Legacy)
R.O. Writer (Gen 2.0) 
ShopKey Teamworks
Winworks AutoShop   
Other - Excel/CSV 
  • Other systems may be convertible if the data can be exported to an Excel or CSV file and provided to ALLDATA.
    • Excel/CSV files must be exported by the end-user or original shop management system.
    • ALLDATA is not responsible for export and creation of Excel/CSV files from 3rd party applications. 



Time to Complete Transfer


15 to 30 Minutes

24-48 hours

After a conversion has been requested:

An ALLDATA representative will remotely connect to your computer to retrieve the database that will be converted.

After the database has been retrieved:

You will be notified that the conversion process is complete and that you can start using ALLDATA Manage Online.



Databases that include errors, or non-standard formatting, may take up to five days to convert.


Other shop management systems (not listed above)

  • Convertible data and completion time frames for databases not listed can vary.
    • ALLDATA will review the database type and provide an estimated time to convert the data (typically three to five days).



Getting Started

To start the conversion process, or check the status of an existing conversion:

  • Contact your Account Manager directly, or ...
  • Call 1-800-859-3282, Option 4 .