Product Support

Log In and Change Your Password

  1. Locate the Username and Password in your welcome email.

    • If you did not receive an email, call an Account Manager at 800-859-3282, option 4 to retrieve your password.

  2. Go to

  3. Click GO TO LOGIN PAGE.

    • Always log in to Manage Online from the URL listed above and continue using it in the pop-up window that appears.

      • Some of the functions of Manage Online will NOT work correctly if you log in using a different URL that opens in a regular browser window.

  4. Enter your Username and Password >> click Log in.

  5. Username Setup - Complete one of the following actions and then click Continue:

    • Enter a New Username (6 characters minimum) or...

    • Click the Keep the Existing Username check box.

  6. Password Recover Email - Enter a unique email address to use in the even that you must recover your password.

    • Notes:

      • Click Skip if you do not want to set up a recovery email address for this user right now.

      • A recovery email can be set up later from Settings >> My Account.

  7. Enter a new password that includes at least:

    • 8 characters

    • 1 number

    • 1 special character (example: !, $, %)

  8. ​Enter the password again in the Confirm New Password box >> click Change Password.

  9. If you opted to set up a password recovery email in step 6, within 8 hours:

    1. Open the email box that the confirmation email was sent to.

    2. Click the link in the body of the email.

      • A confirmation message will appear in your browser.

      • An email notification will also be sent to both the password recovery email on file for the user and to the owner’s registered email (main account email). 

Note: After 8 hours, the link in the email will expire and you will need to reenter the recovery email address on the Settings >> My Account screen to receive a new confirmation message.