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Adding New Employees

To add new employee records:

  1. Click Setup >> Employees.

  2. Click New.

  3. In the New Employee pop-up box, enter:

    • Employee ID: Required. Create an ID using letters, numbers or both.

    • Employee Name: Required.  Enter first, last or both.

    • Title: Optional.

    • Extension: Optional.

    • Roles: Required. Select Technician, Service Advisor or both.

    • Salary Information: Optional. This may be used to calculate Labor Profit in future versions of ALLDATA® ManageSM .

      • Payment Type & Payment Amount:

        • Flat Rate: For hourly employees whose hours are calculated using the hours billed to the customer (rather than the actual hours worked).  Enter the hourly rate charged to the customer.

        • Hourly: For employees paid per hour worked.  Enter their hourly pay rate.

        • Salary:  For employees paid a set amount for a set time period.  Enter their salary amount.

          • Pay Period Hours: Full-time is typically 40 for one week, 80 for two weeks.

    • Active: Check the box for current employees who are available to be assigned to jobs.

  4. Click Submit.


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