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Employee List Overview

To list the names of employees on estimates, repair orders, and counter sales, you must first add their names to the system.

The Employees list displays all the employees you have set up in your system, with their Employee ID, Name, Title, and Extension.


To access the Employees list:

  • From the Setup menu or shortcut bar, select Employees.

  • Note: The list is sorted by the first letter of the employee name.


To search for an employee in the Employees list:

  • In the Filter By drop-down list, select Show All, Active, or Inactive.

  • In the Search By drop-down list, select Employee Name or Employee ID.

  • Type the letters to search for in the Search By text box.

    • Result: The list updates to display only items that match the Filter By criteria. 

    • The results are sorted in ascending (first to last) order and the first matching entry highlighted.

    • Note: When the filtering is complete, the status bar at the bottom of the window shows Done, as well as the number of matching records found.

  • For more information, refer to the Notes on Searching.

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