Adding Parts and Labor to Jobs from the Catalog Viewer

Use the Catalog Viewer window to select OEM Parts, Aftermarket Parts and Labor items and to add them to the Job.


To use the Catalog Viewer window:

  1. From the Jobs window, select the Parts & Labor/Catalogs button.

  2. Select Catalog.

    • Note: The title bar displays information about the latest selected vehicle.

    • Result:

      • If a vehicle is already selected: The Catalog Viewer displays with the Navigation tab active and a list of components.

      • If a vehicle has NOT been selected, or if the vehicle cannot be mapped to the catalog, you must select a vehicle.

        • The Select Vehicle YMME list displays, allowing you to choose the Year, then Make, then Model, then Engine

        • Once an Engine is selected, a list of components will display.

  3. Navigate from the list of components to the basic component level.

    • Result:

      • The Part item section shows items from the vendors/catalog and, when enabled, the OEM parts list.

      • The Labor item section shows items from ALLDATA related to the Part items displayed.

        • If the Map OEM/AutoZone Parts option is NOT selected, the AutoZone Parts button displays, allowing you to search for mapped AutoZone parts as needed.

  4. Use the check boxes to select part and labor line items.

  5. Use the Add Selected button to add the selected items to the Misc Items tab.

  6. When you finish selecting items to add to the Job, click Submit.

    • Result:

      • Items are automatically added to the current Job and the Job window displays.

      • If you have selected a part that is in the Parts table with a different price, and the Price Override is selected, the Price Override Parts dialog box displays.