Catalog Viewer Overview

  • The Parts & Labor/Catalog is used to add ALLDATA® defined OEM Parts, ALLDATA defined Labor items, and associated aftermarket parts to Jobs.

  • The catalog can also be used to add ALLDATA defined OEM Parts and aftermarket parts to the Parts list.

  • If the Map OEM Parts/AutoZone Parts option is checked, AutoZone parts are automatically searched for, and listed in, the parts section.



  • The Catalog Supplier box on the Catalog Viewer window determines which catalog is used when searching for Aftermarket Parts.

  • Parts are listed with their manufacturer name, part number and manufacturer suggested list price when available.

    • You can select items to analyze and evaluate before adding them to the current job.
  • Labor times are listed with the skill level, the warranty time, and the standard time required to perform the service.

  • When you select Parts and Labor items on the Navigation tab and click Add Selected, they are added to the list of selected items on the Selected Line Items tab.

    • After you review items on the Selected Line Items tab and click Submit, the items are automatically added to the current Job.