Adding Parts to the Parts List from the Catalog Viewer

You can add parts to the Parts list from the Catalog viewer, or by using the New Part window.

  • Refer to Creating Part Records for information on adding parts from the Add Part window.


To add parts to the database from the Catalog Viewer:

  1. From the Inventory shortcut bar, select Parts.

    • Result: A list of parts displays. The list is blank if you have not entered any parts.

  2. Click Catalog.

    • Result: The vehicle selection process automatically displays the lists for choosing Year, Make, Model and Engine.

    • After the vehicle is selected, the Catalog Viewer displays with the Navigation tab active.

  3. Navigate the Catalog Viewer to the basic component level.

    • For more information refer to Navigating the Catalog.

    • Result: The part item section of the Navigation tab populates with part items from the vendors/catalogs.

    • Note: The Labor section is NOT displayed.

  4. If no items are available (the part and labor item sections are blank) or if you want to exit the catalog without submitting any items, click Close.

  5. Use the check boxes to select part items.

  6. Use the Add Selected button to add the selected items to the Selected Line Items tab.

  7. After selecting the desired items, click Selected Line items tab to view the list of selected items, or click Submit to add the items to the parts database table.

    • Result: The Parts table updates and displays with the new item.