Adding Parts to Jobs from the WORLDPAC Catalog

Use the WORLDPAC interface to select WORLDPAC Parts to add to the current job.


To access the WORLDPAC window:

  1. From the Jobs window, select the Catalogs button.

  2. From the drop-down list, select WORLDPAC.

    • Result:The WORLDPAC SpeedDIAL Vehicle browser window displays.

  3. Select the vehicle using either the Search/VIN or History button.

  4. Use the Category and Part Types list to search the catalog for parts.

  5. Locate the part, check the price, view details and then click Export.

    • Result: The confirmation box displays.

  6. Click OK on each confirmation box to add the new part to the order.

    • Result: The Add New Part window displays.

  7. Complete the Add New Part window.

    • Result: The original Job window displays with the new parts listed.

  8. When you finish selecting items to add to the job, click Submit.