Selecting New Job Items

  1. From the Job window, click Add Item.

    • Result: The Select New Job Items window opens, with the Labor tab selected.

  2. Update the appropriate tabs as needed:

    • Part Items

    • Misc Items

    • Labor

    • Sublet

    • Note

    • Result: The Selected Items grid on the Job window updates to show the line items selected.

  3. Click Parts & Labor/Catalogs to open the catalog options.

    • If a vehicle is already selected, the Parts & Labor/Catalogs button opens the Catalog Viewer with the Navigation tab active.

    • If a vehicle has NOT been selected or if the selected vehicle cannot be mapped, the Parts & Labor/Catalogs button opens the vehcle selection process.

      • The vehicle selection process displays the lists for choosing Year, Make, Model, and Engine.

  4. When the Selected Items grid is complete, click Submit.