Price Override Parts Dialog Box

The Price Override Parts dialog box allows you to select which price to use for OEM and parts catalog parts.

The Price Override Parts dialog box displays when all three of the following occur:

  • The part source is Aftermarket or OEM.

  • The Price Override flag is selected.

  • The catalog price differs from the parts table price.


To select the price to use for the parts on the job:

  1. The following part pricing information displays for the Parts on the Job.

    • Part Number: Numbers, letters or a word to identify the part.

    • Description: Description of the part.

    • Part Source: This information is display-only, and indicates the origin of the part.

    • Override Price: The amount you are charging for the part.

    • Catalog Price: The manufacturer's list price for the part.

    • Normally Stocked: Indicator that the part is one that is usually in your shop's inventory.

  2. In the Use Override Price column, select each part that should use the price shown in the Override Price column.

  3. Click Submit.