Product Support

Adding Vehicles

Add vehicles to customer records using the Customers list.

  • Vehicles must be connected to a customer record. They cannot be added to the system independent of a customer record.


To add a new vehicle to a customer record:

  1. Click Main >> Customers.

  2. Select the customer to whom you are adding a vehicle, and click Edit.

    • Result: The Edit Customer window is displayed.

  3. Click Add Vehicle.

    • Result: The Select Vehicle YMME Description window displays, allowing you to choose the:

      • Year: Click a year to select it.

        • A list of Makes displays after a Year is selected.

      • Make: Click a make to select it.

        • A list of Models displays after a Make is selected.

      • Model: Click a model to select it.

        • A list of Engines displays after a Model is selected

      • Engine: Click an engine to select it, even if there is only one option.

        • Note: If you are unsure of the engine type, select your best guess and update the type, if needed, when it is confirmed.

  4. Click Submit.

    • Result: The New Vehicle window displays the General tab with the cursor in the License field.

  5. On the General tab, enter the vehicle information:

    • License (10 character maximum)

    • VIN (20 character maximum)

    • Transmission (30 character maximum)

    • Color (20 character maximum)

    • Manufacture Date

      • Note: The manufacture date will be printed on the invoice and labeled DOM.

    • Unit #: for fleet vehicles only (10 character maximum)

    • Current Mileage (10 character maximum)

  6. The Service History tab will not be available until an order is cashiered for the vehicle. 

  7. On the Comments tab, enter comments about the vehicle.

    • Note: It is a good idea to date and initial all comments to avoid confusion later.

      • Example: "8/3/11 HK: Customer said that the vehicle is..."

  8. Click Submit >> Close.