Product Support

Editing Vehicles

Editing vehicle information only affects unposted and non-cashiered orders.


To edit a vehicle:

  1. Click Main >> Customers.

  2. Select the customer whose vehicle you are editing, and click Edit.

    • Result: The Edit Customer window displays.

  3. Select the vehicle to be updated and click Edit Vehicle.

    • Result: An Edit Vehicle window displays with the General tab opened.

  4. On the General tab, type your changes to the vehicle information.

    • Note: If you change a vehicle’s tax settings (from exempt to non-exempt, or vice versa), a message pops up to confirm that you want to apply the new tax settings to non-posted orders.

      • Clicking Yes updates those charges whose tax settings have changed (parts or labor).

      • Clicking No leaves existing charges as they are, but new charges use the new tax settings.
  5. On the Service History tab, you can view a list of the customer's cashiered and posted orders, or submit an Order Refund, if desired.

  6. On the Comments tab, type your comments about the vehicle.

    • Note: It is a good idea to date and initial all comments to avoid confusion later.

      • Example: "8/3/11 HK: Customer said that the vehicle is..."

  7. Click Submit >> Close.