Product Support

Reassigning a Vehicle to a Different Customer

A vehicle can be removed from one customer record and assigned to a different customer record.

  • This is helpful if you have service history for a vehicle that was sold to another customer, or if the new owner becomes a customer.

  • The vehicle service history still shows all invoices and all customers assigned to the vehicle.

  • Note: The new customer must be added to the system before the vehicle can be reassigned to them.


To reassign a vehicle to a different customer:

  1. Click Main >> Customers.

  2. Click to highlight the customer you are assigning the vehicle to, and click Edit.

    • Result: An Edit Customer window displays.

  3. Click Assign Vehicle.

    • Result: A list of the vehicles in your system displays.

  4. Use the scrollbar on the right to search for and find the vehicle.

  5. Click to highlight the vehicle, and then click Select.

    • Result: A message asks if you want to re-assign this vehicle.

  6. Click Yes.

  7. Click Submit >> Close.