Product Support

Creating Disclaimers

The Disclaimers list displays all the disclaimer notes that have been created, showing the Title, Disclaimer text, and whether or not the disclaimer prints on every estimate and repair order.

  • Use this feature if your state requires that certain notes, warnings, disclaimers and/or waivers be printed on estimates and repair orders.

  • You must create the disclaimers that you want available to add to estimates and/or repair orders.


To create a disclaimer:

  1. Click Setup >> Disclaimers.

    • Result: A list of disclaimer notes displays. The list is blank if you have not entered any disclaimers.

  2. Click New.

    • Result: A New Disclaimer dialog box displays.

  3. Title: Required. Use letters and/or numbers for a brief identification of the disclaimer

  4. Disclaimer: Use letters and/or numbers for detailed disclaimer information. (Maximum of 2000 characters allowed)

  5. Settings and Prints On: Determines how and when the disclaimers will print.

    • Note: In addition to creating a disclaimer, Florida-based shops may need to select the Print * for Hazmat and Shop Supplies flag in Customer Setup >> Print Format.

  6. Click Submit.

  7. Click Close.