Product Support

Editing Disclaimers

Editing a disclaimer that appears on unposted orders WILL update the disclaimer on those orders.

  • Editing disclaimer information does not affect posted orders or service history.


To edit a disclaimer:

  1. Click Setup >> Disclaimers.

    • Result: A list of disclaimer notes displays.

  2. Click to highlight the disclaimer to be edited.

  3. Click Edit.

    • Result: An Edit Disclaimer dialog box displays.

  4. As needed, edit:

    • Title: Required. Use letters and/or numbers for a brief identification of the disclaimer.

    • Disclaimer: Use letters and/or numbers for detailed disclaimer information. (Maximum of 2000 characters allowed)

    • Settings and Prints On: Determines how and when the disclaimer will print.

      • Note: In addition to creating a disclaimer, Florida-based shops may need to select the Print * for Hazmat and Shop Supplies flag in Customer Setup >> Print Format.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. Click Close.