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Disclaimers Overview

Use this feature if your state requires that certain Notes, Warnings, Disclaimers, or Waivers be printed on Estimates and Repair Orders.

  • You must create the Disclaimers that are available when creating Estimates and Repair Orders.

  • The Disclaimers List displays all the disclaimer notes you have set up in your system, with the Title, Disclaimer text and whether or not the note prints on every Estimate and Repair Order.

To access the disclaimers list:

  • From the Setup menu or Shortcut Bar, select Disclaimers.

To search for a disclaimer in the disclaimers list:

  1. In the Search By drop-list, select Title or Disclaimer.

  2. Type the initial number or letter to search for in the Search By text box.

    • Result: The list displays with the selected column sorted in ascending (first to last) order and the first matching entry highlighted.