Product Support

Creating Miscellaneous Charges

  1. From the Setup menu or shortcut bar, select Miscellaneous Charges.

    • Result: A list of miscellaneous charges displays.

      • The list is blank if you have not entered any miscellaneous charges.

  2. Click New.

    • Result: A New Miscellaneous Charge dialog box displays.

  3. Type a Code. Choose how you want to identify your miscellaneous charges using letters, numbers, or both. This is a required field.

  4. Type a Description.

  5. Type a Retail charge.

    • Examples of Codes, Descriptions and Retail:

      • NCI, New Customer Initiation Fee, $25

      • TRAN1, One-way shuttle transportation, $5

      • TRAN2, Round-trip shuttle transportation, $10

      • TOW, Towing charge, $50

      • HDLT, Headlight adjustment, $25

      • STORE, Storage fee per day, $20

  6. Select whether to Tax as Labor or to leave as Tax Exempt.

  7. Click Submit.