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Miscellaneous Charges Overview

The Miscellaneous Charges List displays all the miscellaneous charges you have entered in your system, with a Code, Description, and a Retail charge.

  • Use Miscellaneous Charges for simple labor charges.
  • Miscellaneous Charges should NOT be used for Parts because they are taxed as Labor.
  • You must create the Miscellaneous Charges that you want to have available when creating Estimates and Repair Orders.


To access the Miscellaneous Charges List:

  • From the Setup menu or shortcut bar, select Miscellaneous Charges.


To search for a Miscellaneous Charge in the list:

  1. In the Search By drop-down list, select Code or Description.
  2. Type the initial number or letter to search for in the Search By text box.

    • Result: The list displays with the selected column sorted in ascending (first to last) order and the first matching entry highlighted.