Product Support

Editing Miscellaneous Charges

Editing a miscellaneous charges that appears on an unposted order does NOT change the charge on the unposted order, unless you manually change it on the order.

  • Editing miscellaneous charge information does NOT affect cashiered and posted orders or service history.


To edit a miscellaneous charge:

  1. From the Setup menu or shortcut bar, select Miscellaneous Charges.

    • Result: A list of miscellaneous charges displays.

      • If the list box is empty, there are no miscellaneous charges to edit.

  2. Click to highlight the miscellaneous charge you are editing.

  3. Click Edit.

    • Result: An Edit Miscellaneous Charge dialog box displays.

  4. Type your changes directly into the following fields:

    • Code:  Numbers, letters or a word to identify the charge.

    • Description: Description of the charge or service.

    • Retail: The amount you are charging.

    • Tax options: Whether to tax or not.

  5. Click Submit.