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Customer Follow-up Overview

Use the Customer Follow-up feature to manage follow-up messages.

  • Messages (user-created or system templates) can be tailored, printed, and sent to your customers at times that you choose, such as after posting invoices or service specials.

  • ALLDATA® ManageSMsystem messages are intended to welcome customers, thank them for business, and remind them of scheduled and recommended services.

    • These messages cannot be deleted but can be tailored to meet your shop's specific needs.

  • User-created messages can be created and tailored using one of two formats:

  • ALLDATA Manage Mail Merge

    • Using the Microsoft Word Mail Merge functions that are supplied with ALLDATA Manage, these messages can be formatted, labeled, and printed.

      • The printed documents can then be mailed out to your customers.

      • Note: The buttons for functions that require Microsoft Word appear grayed-out when they are not available.  Microsoft Word is required to be installed on your computer with authentication certifications applied for macros before certain functions can be accessed.

  • ALLDATA® MarketSM Email - This feature is no longer available


To access the customer follow-up messages and options: