Product Support

Customer Follow-up: Customer Message Queue Tab

The Customer Message Queue tab displays the queued Customer Follow-up messages.

  • Use this tab to locate messages to process or delete.


To determine the queued messages to display:

  1. Select a message type in the Message to Process field.

  2. The Message to Process drop-down box allows you to select one of the following types of messages:

    • ALLDATA® ManageSMRecommendation Letter

    • ALLDATA Manage Service Repair Letter

    • ALLDATA Manage Welcome Letter

    • ALLDATA Manage Thank You Letter

    • Any message types that you created

  3. Use the Date From and Date To drop-down boxes to select the earliest and latest dates to be included.

  4. Use the Filter By option to select a message format to include in the list:

    • ALLDATA® MarketSM Email - This feature is no longer available

    • ALLDATA Manage Mail Merge

    • All

  5. Click Fetch.

    • Result: The Queued Message grid is updated to list only those matching the Selection Criteria.


To process queued messages:

  1. To preview the layout of an ALLDATA Market Email message, highlight a single Customer Follow-up message with the ALLDATA Market Email format (ALLDATA Manage Mail Merge formatted messages cannot be previewed) and click Preview.

  2. Using the Process boxes, select the Customer Follow-up messages that you want to work with.

  3. Select a print option to apply to the selected messages.

    • Letters and Mailing Labels: This option triggers both the mailing label information and the letters information to be sent to the Microsoft Word program.

    • Letters only: This option triggers only the letters information to be sent to the Microsoft Word program.

  4. Click Process to process the selected messages in the selected print format.

    • Result:

      • ALLDATA Manage Mail Merge: The messages open in Microsoft Word to allow you to print the messages and mailing labels.

        • Note: If Microsoft Word is not installed on your computer, functions that require Microsoft Word will be deactivated.

      • ALLDATA Manage Mail Merge messages will be processed.

      • When you return to the Customer Message Queue tab, the processed messages are moved from the Customer Message Queue list to the Processed Messages list.

  5. Click Close.