Product Support

Customer Follow-up: Processed Messages Tab

The Processed Messages tab displays the messages that have been processed so that you can choose messages to view or delete.


To select and view processed messages:

  1. Enter the Selection Criteria.

    • Customer

    • Message

    • Subject

    • Process Date

  2. In the Message to View field, select the message type:

    • Show All

    • ALLDATA® ManageSMRecommendation Letter

    • ALLDATA Manage Service Repair Letter

    • ALLDATA Manage Welcome Letter

    • ALLDATA Manage Thank You Letter

    • Any message types that you created

  3. In the Search By drop-down list, select the Search Criteria and type a letter or number in the Search by Text box.

    • Result: The Processed Message grid is updated to list only those matching the Selection Criteria.

  4. To delete the message before the auto purge date, select a message and click Delete.

  5. When you are done with the Customer Follow-up >> Processed Messages tab, click Close.