Product Support

Preferences Tab

Use the Preferences tab to select and enter your shop preferences options.

  • Note: The Preference tab is only available with Manage Elite.


To edit preferences information:

  1. From the Setup shortcut bar, select Company Setup.

  2. Select the Preferences tab.

  3. In the Default Search by Settings section, select your Part Screen Search default option: Part Number or Description.

  4. In the Default City Casing Settings section, select the City Casing default option to use for pre-filled city fields on company, customer, and vendor windows.

    • UPPER CASE: Pre-filled city names will be completely capitalized.

      • Example: ATLANTIC CITY

    • Title Case: Pre-filled city names will be capitalized as a title.

      • Example: Atlantic City

  5. In the Default Follow-up Format section, select the Follow-up Format default option:  None or MANAGE Mail Merge.

  6. Click Submit.

Note: When you edit Preferences that affect printing, the updated information appears and prints on all orders.