Product Support

Tax/Markups Tab (Price Matrix Setup)

To access taxes and markups:

  1. From the Setup shortcut bar, select Company Setup.

  2. Select the Tax/Markups tab.

  3. Tax Rates

    • The Default Tax Schedule field shows the name of the schedule currently set as the default.

    • Use the Tax Matrix Setup button to open the Tax Rate & Schedule window, where you can:

      • Configure the tax rates and tax schedules.

      • Select which schedule to use as a default Tax Schedule.

  4. Markups

    • Enter:

      • Sublet %:  Enter the markup percentage for work you send to other shops.

      • Labor Guide %:  Enter the markup percentage for labor items from the ALLDATA® Parts and Labor Guide.

    • Click Price Matrix Setup to open the Price Matrix Setup window, where you can configure the markup and profit margin rates.

  5. Shop Supply Charges

  6. Hazmat Charges

  7. Profit Margins

    • Enter your shop’s Minimum Order Profit Margin percentage.

  8. Click Submit.

Note: If you edit tax or markup information that appears on any estimates or repair orders, the tax and markup information on the estimate or repair order is updated.

  • Editing tax or markup information does NOT affect cashiered orders, posted invoices or service history.