Adding Parts to Inventory

  1.  Click Setup >> Parts.

  2. Fill in the following information:

    • Required

      1. Part #: Enter the part number that is specific to the item.

      2. Description: Enter a description, or the name of the part.

        • Note: The Part No and Description will appear on the Invoice.

      3. Supplier Code: Select the supplier.

    • Highly Recommended

      • Line Code: Better organize parts by adding a three-digit prefix to each part number. (example: AZO)

      • Supplier Part: Alternate part number, if applicable.

      • Cost: The price you pay for the part.

      • Selling Price: The price the customer pays if no markup is set.

      • Core: Check the box and enter a cost to automatically add a Core line item to the work document when adding this part.

      • Sales Class Code: Separates the part into a particular class. This is useful when filing taxes.

      • Unit Of Issue: Number of items per part number.

      • Box Qty: Number of parts per case.

      • Quick Part, Stocked Part, Fluids: Check one or more boxes to add the part to each list.  

      • Set as a shop supply % Repair Order: This option allows you to include the cost of this item in a pre-set shop charge.

      • Free Stock: Quantity on hand.

      • Min Stock: Minimum desired quantity to have on hand.

        • You will get an alert when your Free Stock is below the Min Stock.

      • Max Stock: Maximum desired quantity to have on hand.

  3. Click Update.