Exporting to QuickBooks Online

Exporting invoice data to QuickBooks Online can be done at any time.


  1. Click Accounts >> QuickBooks Online.
  2. Select to display Invoices, Credits or Payments >> Today or Date Range >> click Display.
    • Selecting Date Range allows you to export invoices between a Date From and a Date To.

  1. Click the Select All check box or specific Export check boxes to select the invoices to be exported.
  2. Click Export to QBO (QuickBooks Online).
  3. A popup message will display >> click OK.
    • Note: The selected invoices will have transferred into QuickBooks Online, unless otherwise noted.
      • Successful Transactions will display with a green check mark.
      • Failed Transactions will display a red dot with a white X.
        • Click the red dot to see a reason for the failed transaction.
        • Failed Transactions can be re-exported at any time after fixing the issues.