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FAQs about QuickBooks Online


What is QuickBooks® Online and what are the benefits?

  • With QuickBooks Online, you can export invoices and credits from ALLDATA Manage Online directly into QuickBooks Online.

  • QuickBooks Online saves time, increases accuracy and helps you to efficiently organize your shop financials.


Are there quick videos of how QuickBooks Online and Manage Online work together?


Are there additional costs for integrating QuickBooks Online with Manage Online?

  • Users must have an active QuickBooks subscription, but there are no additional costs for integrating with Manage Online.


I changed computers. Do I need to reinstall QuickBooks Online?

  • No, QuickBooks Online is cloud-based. Your information is not stored on your computer so it can be accessed through any compatible Internet browser.



Pre-Integration Setup

What are the minimum requirements? What versions of QuickBooks Online can I use?


I just upgraded to QuickBooks Online. Is Manage Online compatible with my version of QuickBooks Online?



General Setup

In QuickBooks Online, what Account Names and General Ledger Types correspond with each other?

Account Name

General Ledger Type 

Accounts Receivable *

Accounts Receivable *

Sales Code Accounts*



Do not rename these accounts/types.

If these account names or types are changed, you cannot post invoices or write payments from Manage Online to QuickBooks Online.


Do I need to be logged into QuickBooks Online when exporting data from Manage Online?

  • No, QuickBooks Online will accept information from Manage Online even if you are not logged in to QuickBooks Online.


Which Registration Type do I select: Automatic or Manual?

  • For security reasons, QuickBooks Online requires your QuickBooks ID to be re-registered every 180 days.

    • Automatic (Recommended): This will automatically re-register your QuickBooks Online Company ID with QuickBooks.

    • Manual: This requires you to contact QuickBooks to re-register your QuickBooks Online Company ID. You may re-register your QuickBooks Online Company ID 30 days prior to the 180 deadline.

      • Fees may apply when contacting QuickBooks.


If I enter or update an invoice in QuickBooks Online, will the information transfer to Manage Online?

  • No, information does not transfer from QuickBooks Online to Manage Online.


I have more than one company file in QuickBooks Online. Can I have all of them integrate with Manage Online?

  • No, Manage Online only connects with one company file (Company ID) in QuickBooks Online.


Do I need to match my Sales Class Codes in Manage Online to QuickBooks Online?

  • No, the Sales Class Codes from Manage Online will automatically be created as income accounts in Manage Online.



Information Transfer

Can I transfer all of my previous Manage Online information to QuickBooks Online?

  • Yes, you can choose any date range when selecting which invoices to export to QuickBooks Online.


I want to keep track of the hours that my technicians work in a week for payroll purposes. Will that information be transferred to QuickBooks Online?

  • No, Manage Online keeps track of technicians' hours sold and general repair order information, but that information is not transferred to QuickBooks Online.

    • For information about the Technicians Work Report, see General Reports >> Analysis Reports >> Technicians Work.


Does QuickBooks Online keep track of my inventory and/or cost of goods sold?

  • No, all inventory and/or cost of goods sold must be tracked through Manage Online.


I do electronic ordering in Manage Online. Will my purchase orders transfer to QuickBooks Online?

  • No, Manage Online will only transfer invoice data to QuickBooks Online.


What QuickBooks Online account do the invoiced funds go into?

  • When invoices are confirmed in Manage Online, the funds are exported to the QuickBooks Online Income (debit) accounts, against Accounts Receivable (credit) accounts.


When a credit is applied in Manage Online, what QuickBooks Online account reflects the transaction?

  • Manage Online creates a negative balance in the QuickBooks Online Accounts Receivable account and creates a credit balance in any sales class income type account.


What happens in QuickBooks Online after each Manage Online transaction is performed?

Manage Online Transaction

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online Account Credited

QuickBooks Online 
Account Debited

Creating Quote, Estimate or RO No update None None
Applying a deposit to a Repair Order None None None
Paid Invoices No transactions until invoice confirmation and export None None
Paying & Confirming Invoices Invoice created Accounts Receivable Sales Class Income Accounts
Update Customer name, address or phone # Only updates Customer records if has confirmed invoices exported after online integration n/a n/a

What will I see in QuickBooks Online after exporting from Manage Online?

The following chart shows what you will see in QuickBooks Online (QBO) after exporting from Manage Online (MO):

Name in MO Name in QBO Status After Export Accounts Affected
Invoices Invoices Invoices from MO are broken down into part and labor line items by Sales Class Code (which are called Income Accounts in QBO). Account Receivable and Tax Collected on Sales
Credits Credit Memos Credits will export into QBO as an Unapplied Credit Memo. Account Receivable and Tax Collected on Sales
Payments Received Payments Payments will export into QBO as Paid, Closed or Partial depending on their previous status in MO. Account Receivable and Undeposited Funds
NOTE: Once the associated invoice is imported, the Credit Memo status will change to Paid. When the invoice of the same number exports, the payment/credit will automatically associate with that invoice based on the number, and alter the status in QBO accordingly.
Sales Taxes
NOTE: In QBO this account is called "Tax Collected on Sales," where you can compare your sales tax amounts. Sales tax on each Invoice in QBO shows as a line item when viewing the invoice in QBO, instead of the "Calculate Sales Tax on Invoice" feature in QBO.
Last Name / Business Name Company --- ---
Customer ID Customer --- ---
Email Email --- ----
Home Phone Phone --- ---
Cell Phone Mobile --- ---
Fax Fax --- ---
Address Billing Address --- ---
Sales Class Code Income Accounts --- ---