Inventory Reports

The Inventory section can be used to update inventory or view reports.


To find Inventory Reports:

Click Inventory >> select a report.


My Orders

This section can be used to view orders from a selected date range. Displays Supplier, R/O, cost, date and time ordered.


See Viewing Part Orders and Receipts by Supplier.


New Order

This is not a report. See Ordering Inventory by Part Number.

Suggested Order

This section can be used to create a report or place a new order. Displays shop items in inventory that require replenishing.


See Using Suggested Orders to Replenish Inventory.



This section can be used to create a report or place/delete a new return.Shows returns made within a selected date range. 


See Returning Parts to Suppliers.


Stock Movements

The Stock Tracking Report shows movements made in Stock Counts and Adjustments.


See Viewing the Stock Tracking Report.


Stock Counts and Adjustments

This report helps verify quantity on hand by making modifications to inventory and providing reasons for adjustments.


See Using Stock Count and Adjustments.


Stock Usage

This report monitors stock usage by month, allowing you to view how much of a certain item has been sold over the course of a year.


See Monitoring Stock Usage by Month.