Ordering and Receiving Parts

For additional information, see Using the Parts and Labor Catalog


Ordering Parts 

  1. On the Work screen, click Order/Receive.

  2. Select the items you would like to order, or click Select All.

  3. Click Inquiry.

    • This will check the stock of the selected parts from the Work document.

  4. Click Order.

  5. In Special Instructions, add a message to the store that will be receiving your request (optional) >> click Order.

  6. This pop-up box will appear to confirm the store has received your order. Click OK >> Work to get back to your Work document.

  7. On the Work screen, a yellow check mark will appear next to the parts that have been ordered.


Receiving Parts

  1. When parts are received, click Order/Receive.

  2. Select the items you received, or click Select All.

  3. Enter in an Advice Note / Ref (optional) and a Purchase Invoice Number (required in order to use the Purchase Accounts report).

  4. Click Receive.

  5. If the supplier was paid, select the Paid check box >> select a payment method.

  6. Click Invoice.

    • Note: These transactions will appear in Purchase Accounts.

  • On the order screen, the selected parts are listed as Received.

  • On the Work screen, green check marks appear next to the parts that have been received.