Product Support

Online Parts Catalog Setup

You can order parts online through ALLDATA Manage Online using any of the following:

  • AutoZone

  • Local parts SUPPLIERS affiliated with the following parts CATALOGS:

    • IMC

    • TurboParts (DST)

    • WHI Solutions

    • Autocat+

    • Federated Autoi

    • Transtar Industries

    • Note: Please contact your parts supplier to find out which online catalog they use.


1: Setting Up Supplier Accounts 

  • Before you can order parts online, you must set up accounts with each Supplier.

  • AutoZone acts like a SUPPLIER and CATALOG.

  • Other local parts SUPPLIERS work in partnership with parts CATALOGS (IMC, WHI, TurboParts[DST], Autocat+, IAP, Federated Autoi ).

    • Contact each local SUPPLIER directly to set up an account and get credentials (such as a username and password).

    • The CATALOG companies do not supply credentials. Instead, contact the local parts SUPPLIER that delivers the products that you order through the CATALOG websites.

    • See list of IAP Suppliers

2: Setting Up Catalogs

Before setting up a parts catalog:
  1. Click Setup >> User Options >> Catalog/E-Business

  2. Select Supplier >> select a Catalog.

  3. Fill in the catalog credentials >> click Update.

  4. The supplier and catalog are now linked. They can be updated by selecting Edit or Delete. ​

    • Note: Deleting a CATALOG will not delete the SUPPLIER.