User Options - Opening Balances

Follow the process below if you have customers and suppliers with an open account balance.


  1. Click Setup >> User Options >> Opening Balances.

  2. Select whether the account is Sales or Purchase >> enter the Account Number >> Reference number >> Balance amount.

    • Sales: Marks this as a customer account. This is what the customer will owe the shop.

    • Purchase: Marks this as a supplier account. This is what the shop will owe the supplier.

    • Account Number: The Customer ID or Supplier ID of the account. Enter this ID, or use the search options next to the field.

    • Reference: This identifies the transaction. This will show as Ref in various reports.

    • Balance: The dollar amount of the Opening Balance.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Confirm all information >> click Post.

  • Notes:  

    • Once a Opening Balance is posted, it cannot be removed.

    • If the information is incorrect, click the red X to delete the Opening Balance before it is posted, then create a new entry.


  1.  Click OK

  2. Click OK.

    • The Opening Balance information will now be included in the relevant reports.