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Why Do I Need a Security Key?

The security key (or "subscription key" or “dongle”) gives you access to the product and the features included with your subscription.

  • Note: Your 7-digit security key ID is printed on a sticker on the side of your key.

  • There are two types of security keys in use (colors may vary). All computers running the ALLDATA Repair and/or ALLDATA Manage programs must use the same type of security key, with the same key ID #.

    • USB security key (most common type)

      • Note: A red light at the end of the key lights up when the key is plugged in and working correctly.

    • Printer (or parallel) port key

      • Note: This type of key is no longer being issued by ALLDATA.

        • If your printer port key stops working, ALL printer port keys will need to be replaced with USB port keys (this means that ALL computers will need to have an available USB port).

      • Make sure the key is firmly connected by screwing both sides in all the way.

      • You can plug a printer in to the back of the security key, if desired.

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