Product Support

Customers: Information Tab

Use the Information tab to add, edit, or view customer and/or vehicle  information.


To add or edit customer information:

  1. Click the "…" button (after the Name field).

    • Result: A Customer Name window opens.

  2. Name information:

    • Personal customers:

      • Enter or edit your customer’s First Name and Last Name (optionally include Prefix, Middle Name and Suffix).

        • Note: The Name 2 field is optional for adding another contact, such a spouse or family member.

    • Business Customers:

      • Enter or edit the business or company name in the Name field.

      • Enter or edit a contact name in the Name 2 field.

  3. Enter or edit the customer’s address information:

    • Address: The customer's address.

    • Postal Code: The customer’s postal code (5-9 numbers).

    • The City and State/Province fields are automatically filled if the first five digits of the postal code are recognized by ALLDATA® ManageSM.

      • Note: The setting chosen in Company Setup >> City Name Case will determine if the city name is completely capitalized or capitalized as a title.

  4. When active, use the Follow-up field to select the format for Customer Follow-up letters. The options are:

    • None

    • MARKET Email - This feature is no longer available

    • ALLDATA MANAGE Mail Merge

  5. Enter or edit the following contact information:

    • Home: The customer's home telephone number (20 character maximum).

      • Note: If you do not enter an area code when entering a customer phone number, your shop's area code is automatically inserted.

    • Business: The customer's business telephone number (20 character maximum).

    • Mobile: The customer's mobile or cell telephone number (20 character maximum).

    • Pager: The customer's pager telephone number (20 character maximum).

    • Email: The customer's email address. (50 character maximum.)

  6. Enter or edit the following customer information:

    • Customer Type: Use the Customer Type drop-list to select a customer type.

    • Resale Number: Type the customer’s Resale number, if applicable. (30-character maximum)

      • Record the resale number for tax-exempt wholesale customers.

      • Example: If you are a specialty shop and you do a repair for another shop, you would record the other shop’s resale number for tax filing purposes. It is proof that the customer is tax exempt.

    • Tax Exempt: The Labor Tax Exempt or Parts Tax Exempt check boxes default depending on the selected customer type. Change the setting as appropriate.

    • Tax Schedule: Select the Tax Schedule to use for orders from this customer.