Product Support

Customers: Service History Tab

Use the Service History tab to display and edit the customer’s posted and cashiered invoices.

  • To open the service history, click Main >> Customers >> Service History.


To view or update an order:

  1. Click on an order in the Posted Invoices list to highlight it.

  2. Click View Order.

  3. Update the following field(s), if needed:

    • Mileage In: Enter the mileage count at the time the customer brings the vehicle in.

      • Note: This field determines the Service Interval Information presented when adding a Service Interval JobThis field may be populated by importing customer data or appointments.

    • Mileage Out: Enter the mileage count at the time the customer picks the vehicle up.

    • Written By: Select the name of the person (from your list of service writers) responsible for writing the order.


To view or edit a JOB on an order:

  1. Open the order and select a job.

  2. Click Edit Job.

  3. Update the following field(s):

    • Job Category: A brief descripton of the Job Category.

      • Use the down arrow to select a category from the list.

      • The Job Categories are set up and listed in Company Setup >> Setup tab.

    • Service Schedule: A brief description of the type of service: Normal or Severe.

      • The type of service is selected when the Service Interval job is created.

    • Assigned Technician: Click the arrow to select the service provider from your list of technicians.

      • When new jobs are added to an order that already has existing jobs with an assigned technician, this field will default to the previously assigned technician.

      • Only one technician can be assigned to a job.


To submit an order refund:

  1. Open the desired order.

  2. In the Refund box, click Order Refund.