Product Support

Searching for a Customer

The Customers list displays a sortable list of all your customers.

  • Use the Search By and Filter By fields to filter the list of customers displayed.

  • Use the scroll bar to move within the list.


To search for a customer:

  1. Click Menu >> Customers.

  2. In the Search By drop-down, select Customer Name or Phone (Last 4).

  3. In the Search By field, enter the Customer Name (or the first few letters of the name) or Phone (Last 4) to search for.

  4. In Filter by, select Personal, Business or Show All.

  5. Result: The list displays the customer records that match the Search By and Filter By criteria.

    • The first matching record is highlighted. 

    • When the filtering is complete, the status bar at the bottom of the window displays Done, along with the number of matching records found.

  6. Click the desired customer record to highlight it, then select:

  7. If no matching customer record is found, click New to add the customer.

    • Note: The letters or numbers entered in the Search By field will be used to pre-fill the corresponding Customer Name or Phone field in the New Customer Information tab.