Definitions of the WIP Preset Status Codes

The WIP (Work In Progress) screen contains two types of Status codes: Preset and Customizable


Preset Codes:

  • Can NOT be edited. The definitions of each Status are below.
  • Are identified by a black and white symbol in the selection screen.

For information about Customizable Status Codes, see Setting Up the WIP Screen.


Preset Code Definitions:


  • Due In Today
    • Contains both Arriving Today and Pick Up Today.
  • Arriving Today
    • Vehicles that are not yet onsite, but are scheduled to arrive. Once the "Due In" time has been met, the Repair Order will turn red to show it is overdue.
  • Pick Up Today
    • Vehicles that need to be picked up from the customer and brought into the shop.



  • Awaiting Start
    • Vehicles that have arrived and are waiting to enter the shop.
  • In Progress
    • Vehicles that have entered the shop and are currently being serviced.
  • On Hold
    • Vehicles that are waiting on parts, authorization or technicians in order to start/continue the work.



  • Work Complete
    • Contains Ready to Collect, Ready to Drop Off and Ready for Detailing (when detailing is required).
  • Ready For Detailing
    • Vehicles that are ready to be detailed.
  • Ready to Collect
    • Vehicles that are ready for the customer to pick up.
  • Ready To Drop Off
    • Vehicles are ready to be taken from the shop to the customer.