Using the Work In Progress Screen

The Work in Progress (WIP) screen shows all of the active Repair Orders in a customizable, easy-to-read view.

Adding a Repair Order to the WIP Screen

Vehicles will appear on the WIP screen when:
  • A Status has been selected on the Repair Order.
    • Note: Repair Orders with status Work Complete will only display if the vehicle is marked as On Site.

  • The Repair Order is booked for today.


Navigating the WIP Screen

  1. If you haven't already, set up the WIP screen.
  2. Click the WIP tab.
  3. Select the desired WIP screen from the drop-down menu.
  4. Optional: Filter the Repair Orders that display by entering keywords.
    • Examples: Customer name, vehicle type, license plate number.
    • To remove the filter and display all Repair Orders on that page again, click the refresh button.
  • To expand the WIP screen to the full size of the computer screen, click the toggle button.


Moving Repair Orders to a Different Status

  1. Click and drag Repair Orders to different Statuses.
  • Note: This will also change the Status on the Repair Order.


Viewing Repair Order Details

There are two ways to view Repair Order details from the WIP screen.

Hover the Cursor Over the Repair Order

  • Hover the cursor over the Status color(s) to view a quick summary of Status details.


Double-click the Repair Order

  1. Double-click anywhere on the Repair Order.
  2. The Repair Order details will open in a popup.
  • Optional: Click the Document number or Open to open the Repair Order to the Work screen.
  • Optional: Select a new Status >> click Update.
    • Note: This will move the Repair Order to the new Status on the WIP screen.



Removing a Work Document from the WIP Screen

To remove a Work document from the WIP Screen, the vehicle must be marked Off Site.

Mark a Repair Order "Off Site"

  • From the Work document, click the On Site check box to remove the check mark.


Mark an Invoice "Off Site" - Manually

  1.  In the Work Complete Status container, double-click the Invoice.
  2. Click Mark Off Site.


Mark an Invoice "Off Site" - Automatically

Once this process is set up, Repair Orders will automatically be marked as Off Site when they are converted to Invoices.
  1. Click Setup >> User Options >> General.
  2. Click the Mark vehicle off site when invoice created check box.
  3. Click Update.