Labor Time Adjustment

Labor Time Adjustments are used to automatically increase or decrease catalog labor times by a percentage or fixed amount, based on a range and account type.

  1. Click Setup >> User Options >> Labor Time Adjustments.

  2. Click the checkbox(s) to Enable OE Labor Time Adjustments (standard catalog labor) and/or Enable Service Time Adjustments (Maintenance).

  3. Select or fill in the following fields then click Add:

    • Account Type - Account Types can be added and modified in Setup >> Code >> Account Types.

    • From - The start of a catalog labor time hour range.

    • To - The end of a catalog labor time hour range.

    • Value Type - Choose whether to decrease or increase the catalog values that fall between the From and an To range.

    • Unit (Hours or Percent) - Choose to apply the adjustment as a percent of the original value or as a fixed amount.

    • Value - The numerical value for the percent or hours of adjustment.

  4. Continue adding adjustments for any additional ranges or account types as necessary.

  5. Click Update.