User Options General

Overview of General options selections. 


Clear document when Estimate created

This will clear the work screen of a selected customer/vehicle and also clears the work document after creating an estimate.

Clear document when Work Order created

This will clear the work screen of a selected customer/vehicle and also clears the work document after creating a repair order.

Clear document when Invoice created

This will clear the work screen of a selected customer/vehicle and also clears the work document after creating an invoice.

Hide Costs

Automatically removes the cost price box from view on any screen that shows cost prices.  A tick box will be added to those screens to show if required.

Average Cost

Works out stock reports based on average cost.

Auto Updated Inspection due date

Automatically updates the inspection due date by one year.

Make Technician required

This will require a technician to be selected for every repair order and invoice.

Make Job Category Required

This will require a Job Category to be selected for every invoice. When invoicing, you will be notified if any Job does not have an assigned Job Category.

Enable QC

This enables a check box for quality control against the technicians.

Mark vehicle off site when invoice created

This will automatically uncheck the vehicle onsite check once invoiced.

Always Show Alternative

This will show (if the electronic catalog is programmed to do so) other part options when looking up parts that are found to be "out of stock".

Enable R/O Authorization

Provides the option for the document to be authorized before the work is performed. 

Custom Jobs

Set Work Descriptions to be assigned to either a Job Group or at the Document level.


Determines whether a document is named as either an estimate or a quote.

Hide Fleet / Warranty Details

Selecting these will allow you to hide Fleet and Warranty details from the Work Document and Estimate/Repair Order as well as disable the Fleet and Warranty options on the Customer Maintenance screen. 

Document Start Number

Enter the starting number for Invoice, Credit, Estimate, Repair Order, and Purchase Order.

Document Prefix

This allows you to choose the prefix of the invoice.

Previous Advice Notes (Months)

This will determine the length of time to display the advice notes flags when applicable.

Customer Account Prefix/Length

This allows you to add a prefix to the account number that is auto-generated, such as an “A” or “B”. 

Default contact preferences

Set the default contact preferences for new customers. These choices will be the default settings on the new customer screen.

Start Menu

Choose to start on either the Vehicle or Customer menu.

Default Labor Rate

The default Labor Rate if no labor rate is specified for the customer. Note: If there is more than one labor rate (and there generally will be more than one labor rate) you can set up other labor rates as desired.

Global Default Labor Rate

The default Labor Rate for Global Jobs if no Labor Rate is specified for the customer.

Document Search

This allows you to prepopulate a set number of days when searching for documents.

Customer Custom Labels

Each of these labels can be customized, e.g.,  additional driver, loyalty number, etc.

Automatically Generate License Number

This allows vehicles, that have no license plate, to be assigned a placeholder license plate number.

Odometer (default value)

Automatically checks the km mileage check box when adding new vehicles

Use Suggested Jobs

Enables Suggested Jobs feature to display a list of suggested custom jobs based on vehicle Symptom. Learn More

Enable Good Better Best

Enables the Good Better Best feature to display multiple job tiers for customers to choose from. Learn more