Part 1: Adding and Searching for a Customer

Adding a New Customer

From the Work Screen - Using Quick Setup

  1. Click New
  2. Fill in as much customer information as possible.

    • Note: Last Name / Business is the minimum requirement to continue


  3. Click Add to Document

    • Tip: Click Add Vehicle from here to skip a step. The vehicle will be added to the new customer's vehicle list.


From the Customer Menu

  1. To add a new customer, click Customer >> New.
  2. Fill in the customer information.
    • If the Customer ID is left blank, one will be created automatically.
    • Save time by using the Post Code Lookup to complete the customer address.
  3. After entering in all required information, click Save.

Searching for an Existing Customer

From the Work Screen - Using Quick Search

  1. Click Search.
  2. Select a Search Criteria option to determine the type of search to perform.

    • Name - First/Last Name, Business Name or Customer ID
    • Phone - Cell, Home or Work
    • Address - Street Address, City, State or Zip
    • Vehicle - License or VIN


  3. Fill in the search box for the selected criteria and click Search.
  4. Select a customer from the results list

    • Tip: Click  New Customer / New Vehicle if no record was found.


  5. Verify or fill in the customer details and click Add to Document.


From the Customer Menu

  1. To search for an existing customer, click Customer >> Search.
  2. Fill in the required information and click Search.

    • Type % in the Customer box to display a list of all customers.
    • The Customer box can also be used to search by Customer Number.

Adding Detailed Customer Information

See Adding Detailed Customer and Vehicle Information


Next step: Part 2: Adding and Searching for a Vehicle.