QuickBooks Desktop Export FAQ

IMPORTANT - QuickBooks Desktop Export feature has been deprecated.

Due to technological restraints and current level of support offered by Intuit, ALLDATA is able to offer limited navigation and usage support for this feature at this time. We unfortunately can no longer guarantee that QuickBooks Desktop Export will continue to function properly in the future.

We currently recommend using the Manage Online QuickBooks Online Integration feature with an online QuickBooks product in order to export your accounting information.

IMPORTANT - Create a backup of your QuickBooks company file before each import of ALLDATA Manage Online data.

  • This ensures you always have a current saved copy of the company file to restore if necessary.


Why do a QuickBooks Desktop Export?

Many companies use Intuit QuickBooks to manage their accounting activities.  With that in mind, we created the QuickBooks Desktop Export so that relevant information from ALLDATA Manage Online can be transferred to QuickBooks.

What versions of QuickBooks Desktop are compatible with ALLDATA Manage Online?

The following desktop versions of QuickBooks can import the .IIF files that are exported from ALLDATA Manage Online:

  • Pro
  • Premier
  • Enterprise
  • Mac Desktop

Note: Online versions of QuickBooks are not yet compatible with this feature. (Use QuickBooks Online Integration instead)

What information gets exported?

General Ledger

The General Ledger information consists of up to three General Journal transactions for each day in a given period. 

  • A summary of all Sales Invoices and Credits with sales class and tax disbursements.
  • A summary of all Payments and Credits received. 

These are summary journals detailing the total values of all sales and credit transactions entered into ALLDATA Manage Online for that day.      

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable information is typically entered directly into QuickBooks Desktop. However, ALLDATA Manage Online provides an export option to transfer Accounts Payable information directly into QuickBooks Desktop.

The Accounts Payable information is exported at transaction level and contains all the Supplier (purchase) invoices/bills that are paid for during for a given period. This includes Supplier Account Code and Expense Code disbursement for each transaction.   

No payment information is exported for Accounts Payable. This information is manually entered into QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Note: Only the supplier's invoice total is exported after the purchase order has been paid.

Can a Sales Class Code be changed on an existing Invoice?

  • No. Sales Class Codes must be set up prior to creating new tickets. 
    • For complete QuickBooks Export Setup, click HERE.