Product Support

Applying Deposits to Repair Orders

  1. On the Repair Order, click Take Deposit.

    • Result: An Apply Payment window is displayed.

  2. From the Payment Type drop-down list, select Cash, Credit Card, Check, Debit, or Other.

  3. Enter any options to go with the payment type

    • Example: check number, authorization number, credit card type, expiration date, etc.

  4. From the Payment Date drop-down calendar, select the date of payment.

    • This defaults to the current date.

  5. In the Payment field, type the amount of the deposit.

  6. Select Print Receipt to print a receipt.

  7. Click Apply.

    • Result: The payment amount is reflected in the Amount Received and Balance Due fields.

  8. Click Close when you are finished.

    • Result:

      • If you did NOT select Print Receipt, the Repair Order displays.

      • If you selected Print Receipt, the Receipt Report displays in a separate window.

        • The amount paid and the balance due are reflected at the bottom of the receipt.

        • Click the Print button at the top of the window to print the report, or click Close to close the receipt.

        • Note: When an Invoice is fully paid, the Apply Payment window closes and the reminder messages for printing the receipt and posting the invoice display.

        • If you choose to post the invoice, it will be moved to the Service History.