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Posting Invoices and Counter Sales

Invoices and Counter Sales should be cashiered before they are posted.

  • Each line item should have actual costs information (Cost or Flg Hrs fields) entered before the invoice is posted.
  • Note: If an invoice is posted and not paid in full, the balance due will be applied to Accounts Receivable.


To post an invoice or counter sale:

  1. Open the Invoice or Counter Sale and click Cashier.

  2. Enter payment information and click Apply.

    • Result: After you cashier an invoice a message displays prompting you to Post the invoice.

    • Note: When an invoice is fully paid, the Apply Payment window closes and the reminder messages for printing the receipt and posting the invoice are displayed.

  3. After you cashier an invoice, click Post.

    • Result: If any item is lacking actual cost information and the Display warning when posting an invoice if parts cost or labor cost is not entered option is selected on the Setup tab of the Company Setup window, a warning message displays and allows you to cancel posting the invoice.

  4. If there are declined Jobs (check box cleared) on the invoice, a Save Recommendation dialog box displays allowing you to save the declined Jobs as recommendations for future orders,

    • The invoice is then closed and sent to the Service History table.

  5. Note: Counter Sales do not allow you to save declined Jobs as recommendations.