Product Support

Payments and Deposits

Two types of payments can be posted to orders – deposits and payments.



  • Deposits can be applied to repair orders, before the repair order is saved as an invoice.

    • Deposits cannot be posted to estimates and cannot exceed the order total.

  • When QuickBooks integration is enabled and you apply a deposit to a Repair Order, the information is sent as a general journal entry to QuickBooks.

    • The journal entry credits your shop’s QuickBooks Deposits account and debits (deducts) the Undeposited Funds account by the amount of the deposit.

    • Updated customer information is also sent to QuickBooks.



  • Payments can be applied to counter sales and invoices.

    • It is preferable to apply payments before the counter sale or invoice is posted; however, they can be applied after posting.

  • When QuickBooks integration is enabled and payments are applied to orders, general journal entry information is sent to QuickBooks.

    • For more information, refer to the QuickBooks Setup and Installation Guide, accessed from the Setup menu in ALLDATA® ManageSM .