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Applying Payments to Posted Invoices and Counter Sales

Usually, payments are applied before the invoice or counter sale is posted; however, if there is an outstanding balance, a payment can still be applied after an order is posted.

  • Note: After the invoice is paid in full, the invoice is sent to the Service History list and does not appear on the Payment Record tab of the Edit Customer window.

  • Remember to add Cost and Flagged Hours information for each line item on the invoice.


To apply a payment on a posted invoice or counter sale:

  1. From the Main menu, select Customers.

  2. In the Customers list select the customer and click Edit

  3. In the Edit Customer window, select the Payment Record tab.

  4. Select the invoice or counter sale and then click Record Payment.

    • Result: An Apply Payment window displays

  5. From the Payment Type drop-list, select Cash, Credit Card, Check, Debit or Other.

  6. Enter any options to go with the payment type (i.e. check number, authorization number, credit card type, expiration date, etc.)

  7. From the Payment Date drop-down calendar, select the date of payment.

    • It defaults to the current date.

  8. In the Payment Amount field, type the amount of the payment.

  9. Click Print Receipt to print a receipt.

  10. Click Apply.

    • Result: The Amount Received and Balance Due fields reflect the payment amount.

  11. If a balance remains, click the Close button when you are finished.

    • Result: The Apply Payment window closes.

  12. If no balance remains and the invoice is fully paid, the Payment Record window closes and the printing the receipt and posting the invoice reminder messages display.

    • If you choose not to post the invoice, it will display on the Cashiered tab on the Work in Progress window.

  13. Note: When you select Print Receipt, the receipt displays. The Amount Paid and the Balance Due display at the bottom of the receipt