Product Support

Viewing Balances Due


To see the balance on an unposted repair order, invoice or counter sale:

  1. In the Work in Progress window, open the order.

  2. Click Take Deposit… or Cashier… (whichever button is available).

    • Result: An Apply Payment window displays.

  3. View the RO Total, Amount Received and Balance Due fields.

  4. Click Close when you are finished.


To see the balance on a posted invoice or counter sale:

  1. From the Main menu, select Customers.

  2. In the Customers list select the customer and click Edit.

  3. In the Edit Customer window, select the Payment Record tab.

  4. All the customer’s outstanding orders are listed with a Total (the amount of the order), Amt. Paid (the total amount already paid) and Balance (the balance still due).