Error "400 BadRequest" when exporting to QuickBooks Online


Error "400. BadRequest-ValidationException was thrown." when exporting to QuickBooks Online.


Possible Cause(s)

  • Customer Email format invalid
  • No Invoice Reference Number
  • Sales Class Codes not assigned


Suggested Solution(s)

Customer Email format invalid

When entering customer details, verify the Email field is properly formatted. (e.g.,


No Invoice Reference Number

On the Invoice Confirmation screen verify that the Ref (reference) field is not empty.


Sales Class Codes not assigned

Shop Supplies

  1. Go to SETUP >> User Options >> Shop Supplies
  2. Verify the Sales Class code has been chosen.
  3. Select Update.

Default Sales Class Codes

  1. Go to SETUP >> User Options >> Default Sales Class Codes
  2. Verify ALL Default Sales Class Codes have been chosen.
  3. Select Update.