Error Messages When Exporting to QuickBooks (Desktop)


Two or more of the following messages appears in QuickBooks when exporting an .IIF file from ALLDATA Manage Online to QuickBooks.  

  • You can only select a vendor that is specified as a sales tax agency in the name column.
  • Error on Line #: can't record invalid transaction.
  • Your data has NOT been imported successfully.


Possible Cause(s)

The Tax Supplier field is empty in the QuickBooks settings in ALLDATA Manage Online.


Suggested Solution(s)

IMPORTANT: If you made any changes to your QuickBooks company file since you last created a backup, do not restore your company file.

  • Restoring an old backup file will cause all data entered since the last backup to be lost.
  • It is recommended to manually remove transactions from the last import.
In QuickBooks:
  • If you backed up QuickBooks immediately before importing the .IIF file, restore your backup file in order to reverse the last data import.
In ALLDATA Manage Online:
  1. Click Setup >> User Options >> QuickBooks.
  2. Enter a Tax Supplier >> click Update.
    • Example: BOE (Board of Equalization)
    • Note: Consult your local tax agency to determine your Tax Supplier.

  1. Begin the export process again using the same date range as the previous export.