AutoZone Parts Ordering

Before getting started make sure to link your AutoZone account to Shop Manager - Learn How

Add parts to your document

  1. Select AZ parts from the add item ribbon.

  2. Verify any additional vehicle specifics as required.

  3. Search or navigate the list to locate the part you want to add to the document.

  4. Click See More to view full availability information for a specific part in your area.

  5. Select a Quantity >> click Add >> Apply.

Check local product availability

  • From the Document screen, the part line item will display the quantity available locally. 

    • Click See More to display the regional availability of the part. 

Order parts

  1. If you haven't already, save the document as an Estimate or Repair Order to enable parts ordering

  2. Click Order Parts.

  3. Select the parts you want to order >> click Order.

    • The order number will now display on the line item.

Receive the parts order

  1. Click the Order # on the line for an ordered part.

    • Or click Orders from the left navigation menu and search for the parts order you wants to receive.

  2. Click Receive Order.